Adding More Self-care to Your Life

The more I've incorporated self-care into my life, the more I've realized how beneficial it is for my work, my relationships, and my happiness. Here are some tips to add more self-care into your life. 

self care Melissa moffet.JPG
  • Schedule it.If you have a hard time of practicing self-care, ADD IT TO YOU TO DO LIST. Make yourself a priority. Everything else if your life will run more smoothly when you run more smoothly. 

  • Do something for yourself every day. Even a few minutes adds up. 

  • Speak kindly to yourself. Watch the thoughts that come in and out of your head. Are they nice? Do they lift you up or tear you down? We all have negative thoughts, but we don't have to believe them! Look yourself in the mirror every day and say something nice to yourself. Yes, aloud. Just do it. 

  • Be honest with yourself. What do you need today? Are you not feeling well? Would you benefit from taking that nap? Can you meditate a for like 5 minutes? You have five minutes. Can the laundry wait an hour or until tomorrow? Get real honest.

  • Set boundaries. After you've been honest, take what you need! Are you usually giving, giving giving, but today you need help or alone time? Take it or ask for it (nicely). 

  • Spoil yourself. You deserve it. Take yourself out to dinner. Get a massage or facial. Pour yourself a bath with candles and essential oils and relaxing music. Eat some chocolate. Treat yo self. 

  • Take care of your health. Whatever that means to you. Eat foods that feel good to you. Don't restrict yourself when you don't want to. Exercise in a way that makes your body feel strong and healthy. Rest when you need it. Listen to your body. 

  • Write it down. There's something about writing that makes things concrete. Write down what you love about yourself, your dreams, what you're grateful for. I promise you'll carry what you've written into your life. 

  • Get accountable. Get a friend on board with you and your dedication to self-care. Blog or post about it on instagram. Talk about it. The more you put it out there into the world, the more you’re likely to actually show up for yourself. If you need help with this accountability, you can join my two month mindfulness course, WORTHY. Click here to learn more about it and sign up for a call with me about the course.