It’s time to say goodbye to limiting beliefs, let go of anxiety about the future, and loosen your grip on past stories controlling your present self.


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Do you…

  • feel like you’re being held back from something big and bold and beautiful? Perhaps you’ve realized that you’re staying small out of fear of what others will think of you.

  • struggle with loving yourself and that lack of self appreciation is affecting your relationships? Do you go about your day dreaming of what else it could be like?

  • feel like you don’t have time for self care, reflection, and growth? Or perhaps you haven’t found mindfulness tools that click for you or you need to be held accountable to get the habit going?

  • wonder how to get clarity on your dreams and gifts, or maybe you know what they are, but don’t know how to harness those gifts to lead you to your dreams yet?

Imagine a life where you..

  • have gratitude for every single minute of it, even the hard stuff.

  • have clarity and passion surging through you like a force that keeps you moving forward into your bright future.

  • KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that you deserve good things in your life.

  • have deeper connection to yourself and others.

  • actually take time every single day to take care of yourself and how that would end up affecting the ones you love and even complete strangers.

  • know and fully expressing your gifts, not only benefiting yourself, but the rest of the world as well.

  • have community around you going through the same things, sharing their stories as you share yours, and inspiring you to keep going as you inspire them.


Imagine owning your innate worthiness, going for your big dreams of making ripples of goodness in the world, and trusting this wild ride of life while loving every second of it.


Let me pause that beautiful (and possible) daydream to introduce myself.

I’m Melissa, and I help compassionate individuals who are looking to expand into their fullest potential and share their unique gifts with the world through mindfulness and self-reflective practices.

I remember when I was in a place of living in fear. I had big, big dreams, but I didn’t believe in those dreams. I clung to my fear, too scared of failure or embarrassment to allow myself to be seen for who I am, to acknowledge what I was feeling, or to even speak about the things I was desiring.

Over time, I got tired of living in fear. I was tired of the anxiety, of doing things because I felt like I had to, and of settling in all areas of my life.

I wanted more for myself and I wanted to give more to the people around me.

My self-love and worthiness journey started 10 years ago. In that time, I’ve built a foundation of tools and practices that have catapulted my life into one filled with joy and purpose in my work, amazing friendships with people who are living their dreams, knowing what I am worthy when it comes to romantic relationships, and being the closest I’ve ever been to my family.


Maybe you, too, can relate to this. Maybe you’re feeling anxious and alone. Maybe you feel a lack of clarity in what would actually bring contentment into your life. Maybe you question if that’s even possible. But deep down, you have big dreams. You want to live boldly and love big. You want to help people. You want to help the planet.

It all starts and comes back to you. The answers are all within you, you just have to learn how to connect to those answers.

It’s time to start believing in yourself. It’s time to stop letting things hold you back and embrace your innate worthiness. It’s time to understand that your external world is a reflection of your internal world and take steps toward making that internal world shine so that your external reality will rise up to match your glowing inner being. It’s time to recognize your God or universe or genetic given gifts and share them openly with the world!

No matter where you’ve come from, what you’ve been through, or where you think you’re going, you can take bite-sized chunks in the form of practices that redirect your thinking, repattern your beliefs, and inspire bold and incredible action that will take you in a direction filled with relief, compassion, joy, love, adventure, and abundance.


That’s where WORTHY comes in.

So what is WORTHY?

WORTHY is a course and community that focuses on embracing and loving yourself as you are, stepping into knowing your innate worth and the power you hold to welcome more love, abundance, adventure, fun, connection, healing, and compassion into your life, as well as harnessing your ability to use your gifts for the benefit of others and the planet using self-reflection and love practices like meditation, visualization, journaling, thought and belief repatterning, community, and more.


Who is WORTHY for?

  • You are going through a large transition.

  • You are unsatisfied with your career, relationships, or life but aren’t quite sure why.

  • You want practices and rituals to help you stay in alignment with your soul’s calling, trusting, and open to feeling more joy.

  • You want a container, mentor, and community to aid in your healing and growth.

  • You are ready to do the work to open up, let go, and move forward.

  • You’re ready to line up your beliefs to support your desires.

  • You’re ready to take action toward your dreams.

  • You’re ready to appreciate the beauty and magnificence of yourself, the people in your life, and the world around you and welcome in more goodness.

  • You have a calling of service. You want to use your gifts for the benefit of others and this world, but just don’t quite know how yet.


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The Course:

Module 1: Letting Go

  • Releasing the worries, fears, and tension that have built up through experiences with compassion, trust, and surrender to make space for goodness to flow in.

  • Embracing the constant change of life.

Module 2: You are Enough

  • Confronting your lack of self-love by recognizing your innate enoughness in order to build a foundation of compassion for growth.

Module 3: Receptivity

  • Breaking down your walls by opening yourself up to receive guidance, love, energy, ideas, and inspiration from others.

  • Allowing your cup to be filled so you can then fill other’s cups from a place of love instead of obligation and resentment.

Module 4: Appreciation of Self, Others, & the Planet

  • Addressing lack mentality by embracing what’s awesome about you and the gifts you possess.

Module 5: Your Why

  • Building motivation and passion by determining the root of your desires and dreams.

Module 6: Expansion

  • Learning about how to be surrounded by inspiration rather than allowing  yourself to sink into smallness.

Module 7: Dreams & Desires

  • Getting clear on and own your dreams and desires.

Module 8: Beliefs & Thoughts

  • Taking your power back by learning that your words mold your thoughts, your thoughts determine your beliefs, your beliefs impact your actions, your actions create your life.

Module 9: Action

  • Stopping stagancy by creating a momentum of baby steps that build up into dreams coming true.

Module 10: WORTHY

  • Moving forward into your life through your new, strong sense of worthiness.


WORTHY Includes:

  • A introductory video lesson that covers the module topic.

  • A guided meditation or visualization that will help you connect subconsciously and emotionally to the topic.

  • Journaling prompts and other relevant growth, self awareness, and self love exercises that will help you put the lesson into practice.

  • Lifetime access to WORTHY Community Facebook Group and Community Mentoring Calls: Repeat the course as many times as you want. The vast majority of my students end up repeating WORTHY to keep the goodness going. Keep yourself supported in your growth by staying in the community and attending the calls, PLUS get insight from alumni who have been where you are.

  • Guest mentoring calls: Learn from some of my favorite teachers around. Remember, you have LIFETIME access to these calls!

    Bonus mini courses:

  • WORTHY in Relationships: Learn about being authentic in relationships, honoring yourself and your feelings/desires, and improving your connection to others. 

  • Success through Fulfillment: Learn how to create a career you love for yourself or grow your existing career through learning about and implementing the cycle of giving and receiving and incremental upgrades, and learning to trust that work you love will be supported. 

  • WORTHY & Wealthy: Learn mindset shifts with actionable practices to improve your money consciousness and welcome more abundance into your life, FAST.


Get on the waitlist for the next round of WORTHY.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much time will I need to dedicate each week to WORTHY?

Each week there will be a variety of content which can be spread out throughout the week and taken at your own pace. If you are completing all of the information, it will take about 4 or 5 hours a week. You can always dive in deeper and spend even more time in dedication of yourself through this course. You can also spend less time (say you have a busy week) and come back to the material whenever as it is yours to keep forever! The course itself takes approximately 10 weeks, excluding the bonus mini-courses, but many WORTHYers repeat the course again.

How do I know that WORTHY is right for me?

It will be totally normal to feel resistance to this course in some way. Some fears will come up (pay attention to those fears because that will show you where you are not trusting in your life). I recommend taking a few deep breaths after reading all of this information. You will know in your heart if this course is right for you. This course is an investment in yourself, your relationships, and will help you expand how you give to the world. If you are ready to dive into this experience, you will just know. Act on it. Don’t let the fear control you.

Should I have experience with personal development to take this course?

This course is for anyone and everyone regardless of your experience in diving into yourself. This course is about connecting to yourself. No matter how long you have been practicing self awareness, there is always more to connect to within ourselves. If you are just opening up, this course will teach you some powerful tools and practices that will jumpstart your journey. Also, the community aspect of the course will be beneficial for everyone no matter their experience or “level.” Having a safe space to share, open up, and bounce ideas around is one of the best catalysts of growth.

What results will I get from this course?

Results will vary from person to person depending on their experiences and needs. Past WORTHYers have had a wide variety of powerful results including improving their businesses (yes making more money!), deciding to change careers, being accepted into the school of their dreams, making more friends, improving their relationships, deciding to leave partnerships that weren’t right for them, processed a breakup, deciding to start paying off their student debt, deciding to move to another country, deciding they want to go to yoga teacher training, and more. These results are based on the internal work we do in the course. When we dive in deep internally and lift ourselves up, our external reality will rise up to match.


Past WORTHYers share their experience

WORTHY has been an eye-opening two months.  It helped me discover where I was putting up barriers for myself and holding back. For example, I haven’t been integrating my values into my business for fear of losing clients which was making me feel uninspired and disempowered.  I realized that I want to attract clients with the same views. With this mindset, I had phone calls with a couple of my larger clients to discuss some changes I wanted to implement and to my surprise they were all enthusiastically accepting!  Coming out of the course I have committed to keeping a morning routine of getting up at 6am, meditating, journaling and setting intentions. I am reducing time on social media in order to focus on my own creativity and giving myself the space to continue to work towards and discover larger goals and dreams.  I am being more open and vulnerable with those around me which is helping me feel more connected and grounded. I can honestly say this experience has been life changing and I feel worthy and capable of achieving all of my dreams, no matter how big.

WORTHY made me realize the importance of having a safe community where I can be vulnerable and open.  The facebook group and live webinars were powerful tools. I loved that throughout the course I had a place to go to to talk about what I was feeling, ask questions, voice wins and offer support to others on a similar path.  

Something I want to share with potential WORTHY alumni is how powerful being open and sharing is for growth. It is difficult to put into words how much the process of vocalizing my thoughts and feeling helped me. I didn’t realize how much I hold back until I started opening up.  We all have such immense power within each of us and through sharing with others we are allowing that power to grow and spread.

This course was a game changer for me and I would definitely recommend it anyone looking to discover more about themselves.  Growth is a vital part of life no matter where you are on your journey. This course is packed with tools that you can keep returning to over and over again whether you are feeling uncertainty, stagnation, or even if you are feeling good and just want to keep growing. Melissa is such a warm wonderful soul and I am so grateful for her and this course.



The best thing about WORTHY was that it was very intimate and exclusive. Because of that one was able to get to know the other members on a personal level. And it made it easier for me to share my own experiences, ask for advice and also comment the shares of others. And I absolutely loved the support I received from Melissa. I really felt seen by Melissa and the other members – which is a simple but difficult thing a lot of people want in life.

I got accepted for a music programme without even auditioning which was just the strangest but most amazing thing ever. Normally one does not get an unconditional offer for a music programme just with a personal statement. And I seriously believe that this only happened because a day or so beforehand I wrote to a friend of mine that I trust 100 % in life and my abilities that one of the four programmes I applied to will work out and accept my application.

I definitely know more clearly what I want in life. Especially what my core values are, what kind of career I want for the next 10 years and what I look for in a friend/romantic relationship. Heck I even visualised in what environment I would like to live. Oh and the most powerful lesson: It is all up to me to realise my dreams. No one else is gonna come, take me by the hand and have my vision ready to be lived on a silver plate. If I don’t do it nobody will. Before I sort of had an idea but didn’t want to admit that this is the life I wanted to life or that I deserved to life. Now I know I want it and I deserve it.

Heck yes I would recommend this course! I could not have gotten to all this knowledge myself in this short time ergo I could not have experienced this level of transformation. I am floored by what I have learned and how steadfast it has made me. You know “Girl On Fire” from Alicia Keys? Probably. So now I do have these phases throughout my week where I feel like I am on fire energywise and I haven’t felt that way in the last one and a half years. Melissa was able to bring me back on track and she did so in a gentle but clear and honest way. I really felt/feel seen by her. And it is such a rare gift to be seen for who you are.   

You are amazing. Each and every one of you is a gift for the world. Each and every one of you is unique and has a certain light to bring to this world. I believe in your ability to create the life you know you want/need and to trump all the fears and worries that keep you in hiding. You have the power. No one is allowed to take your choice/power away from you. And no one can unless you let them claim it/you. But I trust that you will find your way back to yourself just like I eventually did. I trust with all my heart that you recognize your worthiness.


I would definitely recommend WORTHY. I knew a lot of the stress I was experiencing was caused by my thoughts so I wanted to invest in myself and learn more tools to help with my anxiety. I love the tools we were given and I will keep using the meditations and journal prompts in the future. In fact I wouldn't be without them and my daily mindfulness practice is one of the best ways I can invest in my emotional health. 

The level of support we were given during the course was great and I found it so helpful having the Facebook group to share the experience with. It was great having questions answered each week on the Webinar and Melissa gave detailed answers consistently which really helped.   

The course helped me confirm the direction I want to go in with my life so now I know where to put my energy. It also helped me realize that I'm innately enough irrespective of my external circumstances.



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We can do this together. We can do this with a community that empowers each other, with gradual mind and emotional shifts, with bite size baby steps, and with tools to help us continue the momentum of moving forward with trust and love. You have the power to connect to yourself in a real way, release your story that is holding you back, and step into the future with love, trust, and excitement. You have a truth that deserves to be shared with the world. You can create magic in this world. You have knowledge that can serve others and help the planet become a more safe and beautiful place. You just have to know and keep reminding yourself that you are WORTHY.

If you’re feeling resistance to this course for whatever reason whether that be money, time, etc., even though you feel like it sounds like something that would be amazing for you, please know that’s totally normal.

Ask yourself where and why you are feeling resistance? Is it the same reasons you are holding yourself back from the career you want? The relationship you want? The feelings you want?

I felt fear before doing all the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

But here’s the thing: we deserve to invest in ourselves. We deserve our own love, our own time, our own energy, our own money. When we put into ourselves, we grow, we expand, and then we can be a bigger force for good in the lives of our loved ones and the world.

I am here for you through your journey to embrace your worthiness.

Much love, Melissa


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