33: Those Beliefs are Limiting You

Today’s episode is about overcoming those sticky limiting beliefs. This is a recording of a live webinar I did a few weeks ago in my Facebook group, WORTHY & READY.

In this webinar, I debunk some common limiting beliefs like not being enough, not being able to make clear decisions, needing x amount of money to do xyz/be happy, being too old/young to be successful, past or family experiences shaping the future, not enough time, and having to work hard.

I also talk about how to overcome the limiting beliefs through building self awareness, meditation, journaling, affirmations, EFT. I discuss how to make feel the difference between love based choices and fear based choices, and how to take action despite the fear.

If you want more help with overcoming your limiting beliefs so you can step boldly into the successful, connected, adventurous, loving, confident you and future that is calling you, join my two month mindfulness and compassion based growth program, WORTHY. It starts August 26th!

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