Ep. 8: WORTHY with Melissa Moffet

Worthy Melissa Moffet Air & Earth Podcast

In this episode, Melissa breaks down practice of feeling worthy of our dreams and pursuits to love ourselves, love others, and love the world. She touches on letting go, feeling enough as we are, appreciating what is, understanding our why, expansion, dreams and desires, beliefs and thoughts, and action. She talks about her experiences of gaining more feelings of worthiness in her own life around her desire to be self employed, travel the world, and have close and uplifting relationships.

This episode is inspired by her upcoming course, WORTHY.  WORTHY is a two month, 8 module course on embracing and loving yourself as you are, stepping into knowing your innate worth and the power you hold to welcome more love, abundance, adventure, fun, connection, healing, and compassion into your life, as well as harnessing your ability to use your gifts for the benefit of others and the planet using self-reflection and love practices like meditation, visualization, journaling, thought and belief repatterning, community, and more. Class starts March 18!

I’ve created a fun little download with eight journaling prompts that will help you in embracing your worthiness.

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