What is WORTHY?

WORTHY is a two month course on embracing and loving yourself as you are, stepping into knowing your innate worth and the power you hold to welcome more love, abundance, adventure, fun, connection, healing, and compassion into your life, as well as harnessing your ability to use your gifts for the benefit of others and the planet using self-reflection and love practices like meditation, visualization, journaling, thought and belief repatterning, community, and more.


Past WORTHYers share their experience

WORTHY has been an eye-opening two months.  It helped me discover where I was putting up barriers for myself and holding back. For example, I haven’t been integrating my values into my business for fear of losing clients which was making me feel uninspired and disempowered.  I realized that I want to attract clients with the same views. With this mindset, I had phone calls with a couple of my larger clients to discuss some changes I wanted to implement and to my surprise they were all enthusiastically accepting!  Coming out of the course I have committed to keeping a morning routine of getting up at 6am, meditating, journaling and setting intentions. I am reducing time on social media in order to focus on my own creativity and giving myself the space to continue to work towards and discover larger goals and dreams.  I am being more open and vulnerable with those around me which is helping me feel more connected and grounded. I can honestly say this experience has been life changing and I feel worthy and capable of achieving all of my dreams, no matter how big.

WORTHY made me realize the importance of having a safe community where I can be vulnerable and open.  The facebook group and live webinars were powerful tools. I loved that throughout the course I had a place to go to to talk about what I was feeling, ask questions, voice wins and offer support to others on a similar path.  

Something I want to share with potential WORTHY alumni is how powerful being open and sharing is for growth. It is difficult to put into words how much the process of vocalizing my thoughts and feeling helped me. I didn’t realize how much I hold back until I started opening up.  We all have such immense power within each of us and through sharing with others we are allowing that power to grow and spread.

This course was a game changer for me and I would definitely recommend it anyone looking to discover more about themselves.  Growth is a vital part of life no matter where you are on your journey. This course is packed with tools that you can keep returning to over and over again whether you are feeling uncertainty, stagnation, or even if you are feeling good and just want to keep growing. Melissa is such a warm wonderful soul and I am so grateful for her and this course.


The best thing about WORTHY was that it was very intimate and exclusive. Because of that one was able to get to know the other members on a personal level. And it made it easier for me to share my own experiences, ask for advice and also comment the shares of others. And I absolutely loved the support I received from Melissa. I really felt seen by Melissa and the other members – which is a simple but difficult thing a lot of people want in life.

I got accepted for a music programme without even auditioning which was just the strangest but most amazing thing ever. Normally one does not get an unconditional offer for a music programme just with a personal statement. And I seriously believe that this only happened because a day or so beforehand I wrote to a friend of mine that I trust 100 % in life and my abilities that one of the four programmes I applied to will work out and accept my application.

I definitely know more clearly what I want in life. Especially what my core values are, what kind of career I want for the next 10 years and what I look for in a friend/romantic relationship. Heck I even visualised in what environment I would like to live. Oh and the most powerful lesson: It is all up to me to realise my dreams. No one else is gonna come, take me by the hand and have my vision ready to be lived on a silver plate. If I don’t do it nobody will. Before I sort of had an idea but didn’t want to admit that this is the life I wanted to life or that I deserved to life. Now I know I want it and I deserve it.

Heck yes I would recommend this course! I could not have gotten to all this knowledge myself in this short time ergo I could not have experienced this level of transformation. I am floored by what I have learned and how steadfast it has made me. You know “Girl On Fire” from Alicia Keys? Probably. So now I do have these phases throughout my week where I feel like I am on fire energywise and I haven’t felt that way in the last one and a half years. Melissa was able to bring me back on track and she did so in a gentle but clear and honest way. I really felt/feel seen by her. And it is such a rare gift to be seen for who you are.   

You are amazing. Each and every one of you is a gift for the world. Each and every one of you is unique and has a certain light to bring to this world. I believe in your ability to create the life you know you want/need and to trump all the fears and worries that keep you in hiding. You have the power. No one is allowed to take your choice/power away from you. And no one can unless you let them claim it/you. But I trust that you will find your way back to yourself just like I eventually did. I trust with all my heart that you recognize your worthiness.


I would definitely recommend WORTHY. I knew a lot of the stress I was experiencing was caused by my thoughts so I wanted to invest in myself and learn more tools to help with my anxiety. I love the tools we were given and I will keep using the meditations and journal prompts in the future. In fact I wouldn't be without them and my daily mindfulness practice is one of the best ways I can invest in my emotional health. 

The level of support we were given during the course was great and I found it so helpful having the Facebook group to share the experience with. It was great having questions answered each week on the Webinar and Melissa gave detailed answers consistently which really helped.   

The course helped me confirm the direction I want to go in with my life so now I know where to put my energy. It also helped me realize that I'm innately enough irrespective of my external circumstances.


I completed my masters and applied for only jobs that I am passionate about. I have chosen not to apply to the government jobs that so many people told me would be more stable, better paid and easier to get in - they just aren't what I'm looking for! I'm listening to myself for what feels like the first time ever to make this decision.  I got offered the first job I have interviewed for (and the only one that I have heard back from so far)!! It's with an organization that I am interested in working for and it's SO close to my house.

I have created better boundaries for myself and really feel like my communication style has improved with conflict. I'm more calm and relaxed, and capable of approaching a situation from a constructive way. I'm no longer afraid of conflict, thinking that it had to be only a negative interaction!

I loved the Facebook/group call community that is built and the accountability of having other people that are doing the same program. I also loved having themes/daily journal prompts to be able to do - it made the process so much easier and seamless to commit to doing every day.

I am so much better at practicing gratitude for myself and speaking to myself in a positive way. I am way more receptive to compliments, and are truly appreciating them!

If you're looking for a way to shake up whatever part of your life you are unhappy with/wanting more/wanting to make a change, this course can teach you how to do it. It goes beyond the standard motivation and Melissa/the community are there supporting you the entire way. I was so hesitant to invest in myself for the first time and am SO glad I did. The amount of benefits of this course and how much change I am still making in my life after completing it was more than worth the money. If there is that feeling inside of you that this is the right course for you, I urge you to take action on it!


One of the reasons I decided to dive in WORTHY is because I lacked clarity about what I want in my life and where I want to go, and what job I want to do. Having that lack of clarity blocked me from moving forward and trying things. After this course, I might not know exactly what perfect job I want, but I do know what I want to get from a job. And this is very helpful. I want purpose, I want financial security, I want connection, I want to be able to express my creativity, and I want to help people. That is what I want to get from a job. And now I have clarity that I don't mind having multiple jobs to achieve all of that. For now, I am teaching yoga and I recently just got asked to teach a yoga class in an acro yoga weekend intensive! Which I will be able to take part of at the same time. With that, I have the chance to connect with people and get creative. I will probably soon start a kitchen job in a local restaurant. This is not the first choice of a job I would've thought of, but the people working there look like a great and awesome team. I would be able to meet and connect with more people while getting my financial security (bonus: they have a very good medical plan!). All kinds of opportunities are in front of me since I am open to see them and I welcome them towards me. With all of that, I keep informing myself on the thing that are important to me and I let myself get inspired by things that are interesting to me. I am confident that all of it open new doors as I keep growing and getting clearer on what I want.

After moving in a new town, I felt like making new friends was very hard for me. I still think that it's not easy, but now I feel like it's way more possible with how I am open to opportunities and more confident that people want to make new friends too. Since the course started, I started being more open, and I've had many opportunities to meet new people and make plans with new friends. It's crazy how much self work can unblock and shift things in your life!

Just by the second week of Worthy, in the Module of "I am Enough", it really changed the way I think about myself. I really started to believe at that point that I was and I am enough. Now, I still have those moments of doubts, but I don't let these doubts affect my decisions. I am more active in the things I want to do now because I believe I am worthy, just like everyone else.

I am more open to be truly myself. I have the hard conversations I was avoiding before. I choose to be uncomfortable and talk about the things that are bothering me instead of bottling things up inside so that I can have the true connection that I want in my relationships. I say yes more often to opportunities to hang out and make plans to connect with new people to again create more connection around me

It’s hard to choose one thing that I loved most, but I would say the results. I love love love how I feel powerful after doing this course. I know now that I can achieve the things that I want. I'd say that the connection in the course is also something I truly loved! Being able to have live webinars and talk and see each other was very encouraging and exciting!

Affirmations made a big change in my way of thinking. Whenever I have negative self-talk, I am able to switch my perspective and be kind to myself. That's a practice that I will definitely keep doing everyday. The meditations and journaling are also powerful practices. I will keep returning to the course's plan whenever I need to remind myself to let go or whatever it is that is going on in my life at the time. I know that it is a strong base for me to ground myself and to help me return to my full potential self.

I feel like every module in the course was really important. If I would choose the ones that allowed for the most growth, it would be You are Enough and Dreams & Desires. You are Enough helped me see that I'm perfect just the way I am. It made me accept and love myself. That allowed me to believe that I deserved everything I want in life. And for that, it made it easier for me to write down my dreams & desires when we got to that module. As I felt more worthy of the things I want, I felt more like I had  the right to dream and write down those dreams. What I realized is that I didn't allow myself to dream big before, I was keeping myself small. Now with believing that I'm enough, I allow myself to dream. The journaling in the module of Dreams & Desires gave me more clarity in which direction I want to go.

I would recommend this program to a friend, to a stranger, and to an enemy! Everyone deserves to feel Worthy.



I loved everything, honestly speaking. I definitely valued two major aspects of the course - The material and time with you.  The quality of the material you provided, how organised it was to go through each step, the variety of the tools. To be able to choose a different method to practice the skill that the module was teaching was invaluable. Sometimes, journaling would be too difficult to do, so I'd opt for the affirmations or audio meditation. It was so helpful. The journaling prompts!! They were incredibly helpful - to help get me started on delving into that specific module and relating it back to myself. I have to add that I loved the sense of community that comes with the course, just knowing I was not alone and knowing that we are all on a journey together is such a relief - that's my third most loved thing!! 

I don't criticise myself anymore. I always try to look at how I could have handled a situation better, if I do feel down about something. I have found more inner strength - the strength to say a kind but firm "no", when I feel like I'm being stretched too much by the people around me. 

My immediate family have actually become more expressive about their love for me much more recently, hahaha! I absolutely love it, I love this newfound energy that I feel I'm embodying that makes them feel this way. I'm so so grateful. 

I don't let negative experiences with relationships affect me - I choose to learn from them and don't let it get under my skin because I just feel like life is too short and beautiful to be wasting it on negativity. "They did the best they could with the knowledge and resources they had!"

I’m definitely going back and refreshing on letting go and enoughness for a while. I spent a lot of time on those two modules and I believe that most of my challenges in life stem from those two aspects of myself. Or are a spillover effect of the lack of attention I give those two things in general. They are so important as a foundation to grow. The tapping technique is really helpful to help me reset when I'm feeling anxious about something in particular and use an affirmation specific to what I want to resolve. Appreciating the "bad"! - it helps open your eyes just that little bit more about appreciating what you learned out of those experiences..

I feel a strong sense of worthiness - almost like a strong foundation that I know to be true. In the past, I would hear my mother and my friends telling me I deserve so much in life and I should be proud of myself and I never ever felt that I believed them but the course really did awaken a strong sense of self-worth and writing this just brings tears to my eyes. I love you.

I love WORTHY because the more I brush up on it and revisit the different types of support provided, the more layers of myself I can unfold and it's just feels so good, feeling closer and so utterly comfortable with your own self.

I feel that this course also allows you to open yourself up to embrace success and take a chance on yourself and not just about coming out of low place in your life! 

For those who were hesitant about the cost, I had second thoughts about signing up for this course because I wasn't in a good place financially at the time, but it is worth every pennyyyy :'))) Also, you may find yourself feeling "behind" in the course - but there is no deadline or timeline, you will discover that you will revisit all of the modules regularly anyway because how you feel on a certain day will draw you towards particular modules (But you have to go through them in order the first time round!)



Ready to chat and feel out if WORTHY is the right fit for you? Spots are limited in this course starting August 26.