Hi friends! This guided meditation is about all aspects of developing worthiness and leads you through thinking about and feeling into what you need to let go of, knowing that you are enough as you are, gratitude, exploring why you want the things you do, expanding and building confidence though inspriation, what your dreams and desires are, how your beliefs and thoughts affect you, and the importance of taking inspired action. If you enjoy this meditation, please send me a message or leave a comment on my last instagram post!

Watch this video about WHY meditation and other self-reflective practices are so dang important.

AND here are some journaling prompts to help you get even deeper into owning your worthiness.

If you want a program that will teach you these practices and get you set into a habit of listening to yourself and making choices that best serve you, others, and the world check out WORTHY.

WORTHY is a two month, 9 module course on embracing and loving yourself as you are, stepping into knowing your innate worth and the power you hold to welcome more love, abundance, adventure, fun, connection, healing, and compassion into your life, as well as harnessing your ability to use your gifts for the benefit of others and the planet using self-reflection and love practices like meditation, visualization, journaling, thought and belief repatterning, community, and more.