Air & Earth Guided Meditations and Meditation Guide


Air & Earth Guided Meditations and Meditation Guide


Air & Earth Guided Meditations are designed to help you move though fear and anxiety and embrace the loving source of gratitude, positivity, and power that lives in you. The tracks include 68 minutes of mediations written and recorded by Melissa, with original music in the background to help you tap into your connection with yourself in order to create sustainable happiness, peace, and the courage to use your gifts to support the world.

The 10 page Meditation Guide includes my story with meditation, benefits of meditation, how to establish a meditation practice, and a brief discussion of the roots and methods of meditation techniques such as Calm Abiding, Tapping, Loving Kindness, Mantra Meditation, and more.


Good Morning - A meditation to welcome your day.
Love Yourself - Affirm your worth, your potential, and your beautiful uniqueness.
SOS - A two minute pick me up.
Step into Your Power - Cultivate energy, confidence, enthusiasm, and power.
Gratitude - Fill your heart with thankfulness.
Release Anxiety - A meditation for helping you navigate through panic or anxiety.
Getting Through Fear - Embrace the unknown.
Positivity - You are happy, content, and grateful.
For the Benefit of all Beings - Send love to all the beings of the universe.
Finding Presence - An exercise in being in the present moment.
Letting Go - A meditation to surrender to peace.
Good Night - Wind down. Relax. Sleep well.

After purchase, the meditations will be sent to your email in a downloadable link. You will have 24 hours before the link expires to download the meditations. Then, simply unzip the file to have access (a computer is necessary for this step). I recommend uploading the tracks to the music player on your phone for convenient listening.

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