35: The New Measures of Success

I’ve been thinking a lot about what success means to me lately. I’ve started a business, moved, and completely changed my life this past year. I feel more successful than ever. Some of that has to do with money, but most of it just has to do with how I feel. Let’s talk about that.

The new measures of success:

  • How safe I feel in my body

  • The openness to receive 

  • The resources to give back

  • Freedom of time, finances, & choice

  • How deeply I can connect

  • The capacity to care 

  • How much joy I can let in

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34: The Path of Service with Gloria Baraquio

This is one of my favorite conversations I’ve had thus far.

Gloria Baraquio is a Bhakti yogi who leads teacher trainings and retreats all over the world. She came to yoga through the path of healing her own suffering, and soon found immense fulfillment by sharing the practice with others.

Gloria is one of my personal mentors and teachers. I completed my yoga teacher training with her and her Serge Berliawksy of Shivakali Yoga in the beginning of 2018. Her teachings and example of compassion, devotion, and mindfulness have been carried with me since then into my career as a teacher myself.

I love this woman. I love her heart. I am SO excited to share that heart with you. Gloria and I discuss the challenges and rewards that come with following a spiritual path, a path of service.


33: Those Beliefs are Limiting You

Today’s episode is about overcoming those sticky limiting beliefs. This is a recording of a live webinar I did a few weeks ago in my Facebook group, WORTHY & READY.

In this webinar, I debunk some common limiting beliefs like not being enough, not being able to make clear decisions, needing x amount of money to do xyz/be happy, being too old/young to be successful, past or family experiences shaping the future, not enough time, and having to work hard.

I also talk about how to overcome the limiting beliefs through building self awareness, meditation, journaling, affirmations, EFT. I discuss how to make feel the difference between love based choices and fear based choices, and how to take action despite the fear.

If you want more help with overcoming your limiting beliefs so you can step boldly into the successful, connected, adventurous, loving, confident you and future that is calling you, join my two month mindfulness and compassion based growth program, WORTHY. It starts August 26th!

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32: Embrace your Worthiness

Today’s episode is all about embracing and loving yourself as you are, stepping into knowing your innate worth and the power you hold to welcome more love, abundance, adventure, fun, connection, healing, and compassion into your life, as well as harnessing your ability to use your gifts for the benefit of others.

This episode is inspired by my course, WORTHY, which starts in two weeks!!!

This episode is for you if:

  • You are going through a large transition.

  • the world around you and welcome in more goodness.

  • You have a calling of service. You want to use your gifts for the benefit of others and this world, but just don’t quite know how yet.

  • You are ready to do the work to open up, let go, and move forward.

  • You’re ready to line up your beliefs to support your desires.

  • You’re ready to take action toward your dreams.

  • You’re ready to appreciate the beauty and magnificence of yourself, the people in your life, and the world around you and welcome in more goodness.

  • You have a calling of service. You want to use your gifts for the benefit of others and this world, but just don’t quite know how yet.

Here are the topics I cover:

Letting go and forgiveness

  • Releasing the worries, fears, and tensions that have built up through experiences with compassion, trust, and surrender to make space for goodness to flow in.

  • Embracing the constant change of life.


  • Confronting your lack of self-love by recognizing your innate enoughness in order to build a foundation of compassion for growth.

Receptivity and openness

  • Breaking down your walls by opening yourself up to receive guidance, love, energy, ideas, and inspiration from others.

  • Allowing your cup to be filled so you can then fill other’s cups from a place of love instead of obligation and resentment.

Appreciation of Self, Others, & the Planet

  • Addressing lack mentality by embracing what’s awesome about you and the gifts you possess.

Your Why, Passions, and Purposes

  • Building motivation and passion by determining the root of your desires and dreams.

Inspiration and Expansion

  • Learning about how to be surrounded by inspiration rather than allowing  yourself to sink into smallness.

Dreams & Desires

  • Getting clear on and owning your dreams and desires.

Words, Beliefs, and Thoughts

  • Taking your power back by learning that your words mold your thoughts, your thoughts determine your beliefs, your beliefs impact your actions, your actions create your life.


  • Stopping stagancy by creating a momentum of baby steps that build up into dreams coming true.

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31: Make Big Transitions Smoothly

On today’s episode I’m talking how to make a big transition in a way that feels good, calm, and joyful instead of hectic and overwhelming.

Here are the topics I cover:

  • Letting go and forgiving fears and mistakes so you can start this new phase of your life fresh and empowered

  • Building an emotional foundation of compassion, gratitude, and openness to keep you centered and steady, especially when challenges come up

  • Sharpening your focus on your desired outcome, but also having flexibility.

  • Letting yourself have fun during the transition, so you actually enjoy your current life.

I share simple actions that you can take to practice each of these concepts during your transition.

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Instant Calm with Karen Salmansohn

On today’s episode, I’m talking with Karen Salmansohn, a former stressed-out advertising Senior VP and award-winning designer turned healthy living expert, best-selling author, and longevity research geek. After leaving her successful career in the advertising industry, Karen stepped out on her own as a writer and designer of books. Karen became a multi-best-selling author, having sold over 2 million copies of her books internationally and has gained a loyal following of almost 2 million people. At the age of 50, Karen realized another dream when she gave birth to her first child.

We talk about Karen’s story and also about her upcoming book, Instant Calm. Karen gives us some ways that we can find our instant calmness. Hint: one exercise involves chocolate!

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Keep it simple

On today’s episode I’m talking about creating simplicity in my own life and how to welcome more ease into yours.

 I used to make life a lot more complicated that it had to be. I second guessed myself. I let fears consume me and stop me in my tracks. 

I find myself relaxing into things more now. I’m more trusting and easy going. I’m more comfortable with not needing to know what comes next. I love consciously keeping it simple now.
Here’s how to create simplicity:

  • Be gentle with yourself

  • Get real about what you want

  • Let go

  • Change it up

  • Take risks and learn from the mistakes

  • Spend time getting to know yourself

  • Keep track

  • Communicate

  • Get present and enjoy

  • Destress

  • Live one day at a time


28: A year of growth: life update

On today’s episode I’m giving a little life update. This last year has been WILD. Quitting my corporate job, moving from Louisville, KY to Southwest Virginia to spend time with family, starting my own business, travel, relationships, and moving to Boulder, Colorado (just today!). I know many of you listeners can relate to what my year has been like, and this reflection is in hopes of you knowing that you’re not alone in your quest for a fulfilled, joyful, loving, and abundant life.

Lots of love, Melissa

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27: When you're overwhelmed with Melissa

On today’s episode I talk about feeling overwhelmed with travel, moving, family, and work the past week or so and coming up into this week, and then I dive into the goods: how to healthily approach those feelings of overwhelm.

For me, that means giving myself more time to sleep so I can function well, not cutting back on things that I now are good for me and ground me like meditation or movement, asking for help, taking the next right step instead of worrying about everything to do, practicing gratitude for what feels overwhelming (like I’m moving to my dream town and feel a little overwhelmed by my dream job.. come on), remembering to turn outside of ourselves and see how our situation can help others, and practicing surrender - letting go of what we can’t control.

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26: Do what you love with Melissa

This podcast episode is a little different today! This is a talk I had with my new facebook community, WORTHY & READY!

WORTHY & READY is a community for those ready to love themselves, others, and the planet by stepping into and harnessing their innate worthiness, power, and gifts through finding stillness to connect to themselves, reprograming their thinking, connecting with community to get inspired, and asking the hard questions. In this group, I’ll host live trainings and conversations, share resources, and answer questions.

This talk is about why doing what you love is not long good for you, but good for the world. I tell a bit of my story, and give you the mindset shifts and practices to actually get to a place where you can do more of what you love.

Follow this link to request to join the community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/338322750170564/


25: Telling my story saved me with Eleonora Zampatti

In this episode of Air & Earth Podcast I talk with New Jersey based and Milan born yoga teacher, writer, and domestic violence survivor, Eleonora Zampatti. Eleonora fearlessly shares her story and inspires an audience of over 100,000 people to love and accept themselves fiercely. Using her passion for yoga and music she created the Ode to the Moon Project: a unique yoga practice that combines art, yoga and music to heal the soul and bring awareness to the topic of domestic violence.


24: Worthiness Guided Meditation (bonus episode!)

This guided meditation is about all aspects of developing worthiness and leads you through thinking about and feeling into what you need to let go of, knowing that you are enough as you are, gratitude, exploring why you want the things you do, expanding and building confidence though inspriation, what your dreams and desires are, how your beliefs and thoughts affect you, and the importance of taking inspired action. This meditation is inspired by WORHTY, a two month course on embracing and loving yourself as you are, stepping into knowing your innate worth and the power you hold to welcome more love, abundance, adventure, fun, connection, healing, and compassion into your life, as well as harnessing your ability to use your gifts for the benefit of others and the planet using self-reflection and love practices like meditation, visualization, journaling, thought and belief repatterning, community, and more. APPLY FOR WORTHY: https://www.melissamoffet.com/worthy

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23: Self-love: why and how

In this episode of Air & Earth Podcast I’m sharing about my perspective on self-love, how to practice it, the difference between it and vanity, and why it’s good for not only you, but the rest of the world.

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22: Awareness, action, stillness with Steven Matthew Adams

In this week’s episode of Air & Earth Podcast I talk with NYC based author, speaker, and self-actualization coach, Steven Matthew Adams.

Steven shares about creating sustainable happiness through self-awareness and aligned action in a relatable and meaningful way.

This is one of my favorite episodes and conversations on the podcast so far! Be sure to share this episode if it speaks to you, give Steven some love on social media, and check out his work if inspired.

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21: Melissa answers your questions

In this episode of Air & Earth Podcast I am answering your questions! I asked you what you needed help with currently and you all delivered with the deep topics. In this episode, I cover how to let go of a significant other for the sake of yourself, how to begin working to change your negative inner dialogue, long distance relationships, how to move past paralyzing perfectionism, fear of commitment, how to tell the difference between anxiety and reality, acceptance when it comes to our appearances, feeling stuck, and more.

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20: How do you actually let go? with Melissa

Letting go is hard stuff ya’ll, but it’s so worth it. In this episode, Melissa shares WHY you should be taking time to consciously let go of the fears, worries, anger, and limiting beliefs that are holding back. She also gives practical advice of HOW, including a practice that can help you in your letting go.


19: What gives you the right? with Melissa

Are you going out on a limb, trying something new, or stretching your comfort zone in order to reach the next level in your career, your relationships, your adventures, or just the way you feel about yourself?

Do you want success, an amazing relationship, soulmate friendships, travel, self-confidence, recognition for your work, leadership, or whatever your vision of a happy and fulfilled life is?

I do. I want all of these things.

But everyday, a little voice inside of my head says, “What gives you the right?’

This past week, someone else asked me this.

In this week’s episode, I’m sharing about this experience, and furthering the conversation around facing that little voice inside of us with courage.

Melissa Moffet air & Earth

18: Girls poop too: embracing your divine feminine spirit with Liz Fair

This week’s episode is with my dear friend Liz Fair. We talk about her new guide, Your Feminine Spirit, a 21 Day Guided Exploration, as well as what embracing your femininity even means, and getting through fear in the creative process.

This is a fun, free flowing conversation. One of my favorites so far!

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17: 9 things I’ve learned from 9 months of self-employment with Melissa

This week I’m coming at you with another solo episode. This talk was inspired by a question I got when doing a Q&A a few days ago on instagram. I go over the nine things I’ve learned from nine months of self-employment and then answer a few listener questions!

Here are the things I’ve learned:

  1. Security is a lie and a reason to stay small

  2. Without mission, you will fail

  3. Self-care is important

  4. Education is important

  5. Investing in yourself is important

  6. The fear doesn’t go away

  7. You do get stronger

  8. You don’t have to have a plan

  9. You can love what you do. And be successful. Really.

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16: Choose Your Hard with Melissa

That risk you’re thinking about taking:

What’s the worst that could happen?

What’s the best that could happen?

Sure, taking risks and getting outside your comfort zone is hard.

But so is staying small. So is regret.

Choose your hard.

This week’s episode is inspired by these words that Melissa shared on instagram a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoy your dose of Monday motivation!