Colombia Retreat 2019: An Adventure in Loving Connection with Mundo Adventures

Hey friends! I’m so excited to partner with Mundo Adventures to guest host Colombia Retreat 2019: An Adventure in Loving Connection! This retreat is designed to help you get fully present and to let go of the daily frustrations that may come up and learn to tap back into your connected feeling self. We’re going to be having fun and exciting adventures, creating deep connections to ourselves and others, and seeing a beautiful area of the natural world!

Some of our adventures and experiences will include rappelling waterfalls, taking part in ancient ceremonies, hiking mountains to see the sunrise, moments of stillness and meditation, moving our bodies in ways that feel good, and so much more.

Our journey to Colombia will allow us to tap into that flow state where we are present and everything just clicks. At its essence, this adventure is all about mindful living and the freeing feeling we get when we are awake and engaged in our lives!

This is the kind of life-changing journey that can years of travel in an area to find yourself, but with the excess stripped away so it can be experienced in a week.  Having lived 4 years in South America, Mandolin (the founder), has deep ties within communities that welcome us like family and give us access to the most magical parts of the country.

In exchange, we allocate funds from the trip to give back to the local community in ways that empower their voices and allow them to thrive in the world. In Colombia, we have the opportunity to learn from, and give back to, the oldest Indigenous Tribe in the Americas.

More info is below. Send me an email at to get an itinerary and more detailed information, or to have a call about the trip!


Dates: January 16th - 22nd, 2019

All-inclusive highlights from the itinerary:

  • Daily practice of yoga, mindful flows that sweetly take you deep with plenty of restoration from the day's activities

  • Offerings of meditation

  • Ceremony with the indigenous Kogi tribe

  • Holotropic breathwork sessions

  • Trekking days up the Sierra Nevadas - the world's tallest coastal mountains into 'the heart of the universe', as considered by the native peoples

  • Surf (lessons available) and beach play day on the pristine coastline

  • Tour of Colombian coffee farm owned by a local friend of our founder's

  • Zipline fun

  • Special waterfall hike

  • Massage and spa day

  • Intention-setting personal growth practices

  • Six nights of comfortable lodging

  • Three nutritious and locally sourced meals each day

  • Transportation to and from the airport and within Colombia, from coastal cities to mountains, jungles and the Caribbean Sea

  • Admission to biological reserves, national parks, and coffee farms

  • Healthy snacks!

Price: $2,500. Apart from your flight from US to Colombia, this price is all-inclusive of domestic travel, arrangements, activities and more.

You need only leave a deposit to save your spot, and we do offer flexible payment plans.

For More Information

For more information, or if you would like to receive a Frequently Asked Questions and Pack List, please email Melissa. Visit to see more information on their amazing retreats or to sign up for Columbia Retreat 2019: An Adventure in Loving Connection.