When: April 6th from 6-7:30 pm

Where: Alo Yoga, Soho, NYC

The Worthiness Workshop is a class on embracing yourself as you are and opening up to share your unique gifts with the world. It starts out with a yoga asana practice to get you connected to your body, followed by a guided meditation exploring your self-worth. This meditation touches on letting go to create space, knowing that you are enough as you are, practicing gratitude and appreciation of what is, exploring why you want the things we do and what drives your desires, understanding how to achieve expansion through inspiration, owning your dreams and desires, exploring how beliefs and thoughts mold your life, and the acknowledging the importance of small and imperfect but inspired actions. After the meditation, you will be guided through journaling about your experience of worthiness. Last, you will seal in your experience by being given a change to share your realizations around your self-worth with the group and be inspired by the fellow workshop attendees’ shares.